We came here today again with the pup and it was beautiful!! It was snowing but that didn’t bother us. The trails were clear, nobody else was on the trail with us so our dog was able to be off leash. The trail markers were easily seen and lots of photo opportunities. Unfortunately, there was heavy fog/clouds so we couldn’t clearly see the NY side. Getting down to the base of the mountain was easy. They had steps for you. We then ran into the large rocks where we had to scramble. We weren’t sure if we were at the right place but we went up the mountain. We got about half way and decided to turn back. Only reason was because it was still snowing, our dog was having some difficulty, and we didn’t know how long we would have to scramble for. Next time, we’ll go without the dog and when it’s not snowing and once I know what to expect, we can do it again. I even got a chance to test out both GPS tracking softwareL MapMyHike and MyTracks. I’m not sure what happened but MyTracks was more accurate. It seemed like MapMyHike lost GPS tracking for awhile. I’ll just have to double check next time instead of letting the software run on its own.

MyTracks Hike:

Here are some samples from the hike (5d Mk3 + 16-35mm f/2.8 II)

Italian Garden _CP_0039 _CP_0040 _CP_0042 First Bridge _CP_0048 _CP_0051 Trail Sign _CP_0055 Zoomed in waterfall photo Frozen Peanut Leap Cascade Nitro & Waterfall View from shore of Italian Garden Frozen Temple _CP_0077 _CP_0079 _CP_0084 _CP_0088 _CP_0095 Proud Nitro _CP_0102 Serenity

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