Came here with some friends and our dogs. All of us had an amazing time except for the dogs. The dogs had to be on leash and the walkways were quite narrow. A lot of people come here and you can easily see why, it’s a very easy hike with a lot of waterfalls to see. The red trail is not difficult at all. All the trails are well maintained and hardly no rocks at all. This is a great place to practice your waterfall photos, even during bright midday sunlight. This place also charges an admission fee of $12.50. Driving there is very easy.


Here are some sample photos (all taken with 5d mk3 + 16-35 f/2.8L II or 70-200 f/2.8 IS II):

_CP_9034  _CP_9071 _CP_9081 _CP_9108 _CP_9169 _CP_9181_CP_9058


One thought on “2013.11.23.Bushkill.Falls”

  1. Your pix are great! We are planning a trip there soon. I read that someone went off the trails and fell to their death a few years ago – 150 feet down. Good thing the dogs have to be on leash. I hear there are steep drop offs. God forbid a pooch fell!

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